SaaSquatch Help Center

Referral SaaSquatch's Giftbit integration enables you to automatically reward your referral participants with gift cards.


  • Our integration with GiftBit is available on our Pro and Enterprise plans
  • When setting up your Referral SaaSquatch program make sure to select Dollar Credit as your Porgram Rewards, and Other (via SaaSquatch API) as your Payment System.

1. Setup your Giftbit Account

If you do not already have a Giftbit account, navigate to their signup page and create a free Giftbit Catalog account.

2. Configure Email Template

The email templates that can be configured in Giftbit will be used to send giftcard redemption codes to referral participants who earn rewards as part of a successful referral.

To setup your first email template:

  1. Navigate to the Order Gift Links Menu item
  2. From the Pick a Template Drop-down, select Create New Template

    Order Links Menu

    Editing Options:

    The email template provides the ability to customize:

    • The Subject line of the email
    • Include a header image (optional)
    • The body of the email message.

More information about creating and editing Giftbit email templates can be found in their help documentation.

A simple email template setup can be accomplished by using the same template to send to both the successful Referrer and Referred User.

If you would like to create more customized messaging it is also possible to have one template to send to your successful Referrers and another for your sucessful Referred Users.

3. Select a Giftcard

Giftbit gives you access to giftcards from a wide range of world class brands. Full details about which cards are available in which regions can be found on Giftbits's list of Available Brands.

4. Inform Referral SaaSquatch

Once you are ready to connect your Giftbit account to your Referral SaaSquatch account please reach out to our support team who will be more than happy to help you complete the setup process.

In your email to our support team please make sure to include:

  • The Referral SaaSquatch tenant you would like to configure your Giftbit Integration with. The tenant alias can be found on the Install page in the Referral SaaSquatch Portal.
  • Information about your chosen giftcard:
    • Type
    • Value
    • Region
  • The Reference ID of the Email template you have configured. If you have configrued different templates for Referrers and Referred Users make sure to include the Reference ID for both.

Our support team with work with you to finalize the configuration of your referral program with your Giftbit account.