SaaSquatch Help Center

What is Referral SaaSquatch?

Referral SaaSquatch is a customer referral platform that lets companies track and reward referrals from their customers.

With Referral SaaSquatch, you can create a fully customizable referral program right inside your product. We handle everything from tracking referrals and fraud detection to analytics and payment system integrations.

Who is Referral SaaSquatch for?

Referral SaaSquatch is for companies involved with SaaS, Media and E-Commerce that are looking to reward their existing customers for referring new customers.

Why is Referral SaaSquatch better than the other options I'm considering?

We're glad you asked us!

  • A great user experience. Referral SaaSquatch integrates right into your app for a seamless customer experience. Other platforms make your customers go to some other website, sign up for an account, and remember yet another username and password just to be able to invite their friends.
  • Fast integration. We work with the technology you use right out of the box. Our API and integrations are simple and transparent to use, and have been integrated in under a day.
  • Focus. Our service is built to satisfy the unique needs of large tech companies. Our strength lies in our seamless user experience and reward type flexibility. This ensures that your customers will engage with a best in-class referral program and drive profitable acquisition for your company.

How does Referral SaaSquatch know that a referral has been made?

Referral SaaSquatch uses integration with your subscription management system, link tracking, cookie tracking and JavaScript widgets to track from first interaction right to payment. Since we get notified when actual dollars are transfered, you'll only end up giving discounts for real quantifiable new revenue.

Do my customers have to signup with Referral SaaSquatch before they can make a referral?

No, your customers don't need a Referral SaaSquatch account. By installing Referral SaaSquatch in your app all of your customers will automatically be enrolled. We do this to make inviting friends as fast and seamless as possible, to both increase participation in the program and to protect your brand.

Can customers complete a referral over the phone?

Yes. You will simply add the coupon code they were given to their account manual through your subscription provider. Once that user then logs into your system the referral will be completed.

Will Referral SaaSquatch scale? Am I too big for Referral SaaSquatch?

Referral SaaSquatch is built on world-class infrastructure and modern technology. This means we can seamlessly scale to meet your unique needs as an enterprise customer while providing the reliability you and your customers deserve.

Have enterprise needs? Don't worry, you're not too big. We work with major tech companies every day and can find a solution that fits your needs. Whether you need a custom feature, style or integration partner, we can help you out. Just contact if you want to know more.

What browsers does Referral SaaSquatch support?

Our squatch.js will run in any browser that supports Javascript. To make sure that our referral widget gives a great user experience, we support our themes on the latest version of major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

I have more questions, what should I do?

We know that you may still have questions and we want to hear from you. Email us at and we will get back to you as fast as we can.