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The Referral SaaSquatch Analytics feature helps you gain more insight into the activity of your referral program and its participants. This article provides an explanation and overview of the many powerful features in the new Analytics of the SaaSquatch platform.

Program Overview:

The program overview inlcudes statistics for the referral funnel from both the referrer and referred user perspectives.

This data can be filtered based on a specific timeframe (Today, Last 30 days, All time, etc.).


The Program Overview includes a diverse set of useful program information. The following definitions should help explain what each of the categories represents:

  • Unique Visitors: The total number of users that have seen the referral program via any channel (Web, Mobile, Email), as in they have seen some form of a referral widget.

  • Active Referrers: The total number of users that have clicked a share or copy button via any channel (Web, Mobile, Email), so it can be safely assumed that a referral was started while understanding that we do not track if a referral was actually published via any medium.

  • Successful Referrers: The number of users who have referred at least one other user and set their account to the PAID status.

  • Referred Visitors: The number of unique users, as determined by IP address, that have clicked a referral link during the time period in question.

  • Referred users: The number of unique users that signed up as a result of being referred based on user ID.

  • Referred Conversions: The number of unique users that have had their account set to the PAID status as a result of being referred.


The timeline metric displays the events from the selected stage in the referral funnel (e.g. Referred Conversions) at the point in the selected timeline (e.g. last 30 days) when they occured.

The New Users vs. Returning Users segmentation refers to whether or not the user connected with the event (e.g. the Successful Referrers, or the Referred Conversions) was registered within the timeframe being viewed (e.g. last 30 days). New Users refers to them having been registered within that time window, and Returning Users refers to those registered before that window.

Registered Participants

The Registered Participants metric represents the number of users registered with the referral program (i.e. via widget push, API, or bulk upload) during the time period.

Engagement Medium

The engagement medium is the version of the referral program widget / end user experience that a user interacted with. Examples of these include email links as well as the mobile, popup, embedded versions of the widget.

Share Medium

The share medium is the network or channel that a referral was made on. These include things like Facebook, Twitter, email, and direct (copy link).

User Locations

The Map fuctionality in the analytics displays geographical information that is available for the users of your referral program. The data that is displayed on this map is also filtered based on the date ranges (e.g. Last 7 days) and categories (e.g. Active Referrers) selected.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to access Analytics

The Analytics page can easily be accessed by logging into your SaaSquatch account and by either heading to Programs > Analytics (for classic programs) or Reporting > Analytics.

Tracking on older programs

The Analytics feature uses advanced techniques to gather a wide range of rich and indepth data for your referral program. Programs launched before the update to the Analytics platform on July 13th 2016 will only display data from that point onwards.

Analytics and Program Security

Please keep in mind that our Analytics platform will only take into account the first state of the referral once it has passed through security moderation. Only referrals that are approved at the end of the moderation process will be counted. For example, if a referral is first denied but later approved, this referral will not be counted as “successful”.

If you have any questions in regards to using the Security feature in combination with the new analytics, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success team or shoot our friendly support staff an email.

Additional Questions

Running into any issues or have any questions? Please contact our support team who will be more than happy to help out.