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Translate your SaaSquatch Growth Automation Programs to support each of the languages and regions you operate in.

What is Internationalization?

Internationalization (i18n) is the process of configuring a product or service to be easily adapted to support additional languages, regions, countries, and currencies (a process called localization).

By internationalizing your product or service, the resources needed to localize it to support additional languages and regions is significantly reduced.

SaaSquatch and i18n

The SaaSquatch platform supports the ability to internationalize your SaaSquatch project, enabling your to localize each of your Growth Automation programs for each of the languages and regions you operate in.


The localization for your SaaSquatch programs are powered by user locales. The SaaSquatch system uses the locale value of each user to keep track of their langauge and region in order to display your program to them using the correct messaging, in the correct language, with the correct currency.

These locales (e.g. en_GB, nl_NL) are a combination of a two-letter language code and a two-letter country code, as defined in ISO 639-1 and ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 respectively.

Translation Quickstart

The following quickstart provides a high-level overview of the steps involved in localizing your SaaSquatch programs for each of your supported languages and regions.

1. Download the Source Copy/Messaging

  1. From the Program section in the SaaSquatch portal, select the Growth Automation program you would like to translate, and navigate to the program's Advanced tab.

  2. Select the Download Source and Translations option.

    Format of Source Files

    The provided zip file will include your default and translated copy in the following format:

    Your Program
    ├── /Emails
    |   ├── /programEmailID 
    |   |   └── nl_NL.json
    |   └── programEmailID.json
    └── /Widgets
     ├── /programWidgetID 
     |   └── nl_NL.json 
     └── programWidgetID.json

    In this example the programEmailID.json or programWidgetID.json files contain the default copy for the program's email and widget.

2. Translate Source Files

Use a copy of the default email or widget messaging (found in the programEmailID.json or programWidgetID.json files) as the basis for your translations.

If you have previously made translations they will be included in the download, in the folder of the widget/email they are for (e.g. /programEmailID) with the file name of the locale they are for (e.g. nl_NL.json). You can choose to make edits to the existing translations you have for a specific locale, or delete the existing content and start fresh from the default language file.

3. Package Translations

  1. Place your translated files back into the folder of the same name as the source file you translated (e.g. the /signupRewardEmail folder for the translations of signupRewardEmail.json)

    Example Folder Structure

    The following example shows translations for the fr_FR and en_US locales having been placed in the folder for the program's email /programEmailID and widget /programWidgetID
    ├── /Emails
    |   ├── /programEmailID  <-- Place your translated email files here
    |   |   ├── fr_FR.json
    |   |   └── en_US.json
    |   └── programEmailID.json
    └── /Widgets
       ├── /programWidgetID  <-- Place your translated widget files here
       |   ├── fr_FR.json
       |   └── en_US.json 
       └── programWidgetID.json
  2. Create a zip of the folder containing the /Emails and /Widgets folders

4. Upload Translations

  1. Back on the program's Advanced tab in the SaaSquatch portal, drag and drop your zipped translations onto the designated section of the page
  2. Confirm that the zip file was uploaded successfully
  3. Confirm that each of the translations your included were uploaded successfully

Congratulations! Your Growth Automation program is now localized!

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