SaaSquatch Help Center

Welcome to SaaSquatch! Let's get you running with your very own referral program.

Step 1 Sign Up

You need to sign up for a Referral SaaSquatch account before you can get started.

After you sign up a customer success squatch will reach out to you with your login credentials and help you with any questions you may have.

Step 2 Connect Your Subscription System

For quick setup, Referral SaaSquatch provides out of the box subscription system integrations with common platforms. Follow the links below for more details about your specific system.

If you don't see your subscription system listed please feel free to contact to help us prioritize when we will be able to offer it, or contact to talk to an account representative about getting access to our Enterprise API.

Step 3 Install Referral SaaSquatch Client-Side

After integrating your subscription system you install Referral SaaSquatch inside your app. Installation provides a complete end user experience, single sign on, and all required referral tracking.