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Learn how to select, configure, and publish a new SaaSquatch Growth Automation Program in minutes.

The SaaSquatch Growth Automation Platform is designed to help you quickly, and easily, launch new Growth Automation Programs from the comfort of the SaaSquatch portal. No additional coding required!

The following Quickstart Guide provides end-to-end instructions for this setup process.

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Select a Program

From the Programs page inside the SaaSquatch portal, select the Create New option at the top left of the page. Here you are presented with a Program Catalogue filled with different types of programs your SaaSquatch project supports. Each entry includes details on the functionality the program is designed to provide, and the data required to run the program.

Once you have settled on a type of program you would like to create, click the Create this Program option from the top left of the Program's summary page. This will open the new Program creation wizard to help setup your very own Growth Automation Program.


The rules you configure for a SaaSquatch program will be evaluated each time the program is triggered for a specific user. These triggers vary by program, but are typically based on a user's information being added/changed, or a set amount of time since a configured milestone.

If the rules pass successfully based on the user's available information then the program will continue forward to the next step. If the rules for the program have NOT been met for the user being evaluated, then the program will halt for that user until triggered again.

Each SaaSquatch program is structured differently, and therefor will have different rules for when rewards should be created and email should be sent. Further details about the specific rules & requirements for each program can be found on the respective program's summary page.


Once a program has been successfully evaluated, a reward (if configured) will be generated for the user.

The SaaSquatch platform enables you to offer the right incentive for each program you run through your the ability to configure a program to provide one of a number of different reward types.

These include:

  • Dollar & Account Credits
    Account Credits are a great way to incentivize future purchases by storing a balance for each user.

  • Percent Discounts
    Provide your users with a Percentage Discount on their next invoice.

  • Points
    Generate a Points balance for your end users that can later be converted into different rewards.

  • New Custom Reward Code Fueltank
    Provide unique reward codes to successful program participants.

  • Arbitrary Rewards
    Wheter you want to hand out a t-shirt or a Free Month, SaaSquatch's flexibile setup supports a wide range of rewards.


The SaaSquatch system is also able to send the user an email when the program rules have been successfully met.

The contents, and layout, of this email can be customized directly in the SaaSquatch portal.

We recommend to include any reward redemption steps or requirements in this notification email to make sure your users know where to find their reward, and how to redeem it.


Once you have finished configuring your program, return to the Programs page in the SaaSquatch portal. From there, select the Launch Program option from behind that program's "gear" icon.

This will publish your program and allow your live clients to participate.

Congratulations, your Growth Automation Program is now live!


With your program configured, and enabled, the SaaSquatch system will begin tracking information about the success of your program.

You can view the available analytics for each program on their respective Analytics tab under the program's View/Manage Program entry on the Programs page.

Additional Resources

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