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Step-by-step guide explaining how to manually attribute a referral signup to a referrer through the Referral SaaSquatch Portal

Did a Referred User forget to fill out their Referrer's referral code at checkout? Did the Referred User end up signing up for your product on a different device than they clicked the referral link from? Did a customer on a Demo mention that they were referred, but there is no form in your signup process which they would fill that out in?

Not to Worry!

The Referral SaaSquatch Portal provides you and your team with the ability to create referral connections, and attribute the referral to the correct Referrer, from the Portal.

Payment Provider Program Note: Please be aware that if you are manually creating the referral connection once the referred user already has a non-trial non-zero subscription on their payment provider account, that the referral connection can be connected (attribution) but not be converted.

The following steps outline the process of manually adding a referral connection:

Find Referrer's Code

  1. Navigate to the Participant section in the Referral SaaSquatch Portal.
  2. Select the All Users Tab along the top of the page.
  3. In the search Box, enter the Referrer's name, email, or SaaSquatch user id.
  4. When you find the Referrer in the search results, click on their name to be taken to their profile. Search for Participant
  5. The first piece of information listed under their name will be their Referral Code, which is the value you want to copy or write down.

    Referrer Code

Apply Referrer's Code to Referred User

  1. From the All Users Tab in Participant section in the Referral SaaSquatch Portal:
  2. Search for the Referred User by name, email, or SaaSquatch user id.
  3. When you find the Referred User in the search results, click on their name to be taken to their profile.
  4. Click on the Manage User link below their name.

    Manage User - Referred

  5. Navigate to the Referral Tab
  6. Paste in the Referrer's code and click Apply Add Referrer Code


The referral connection has now been establised between the Referrer and the Referred User.

The Referred User's participant profile will now display:

  • A Referred by: field indicating who referred the Referred User
  • Any reward that might have been generated as a result of them being referred

Both users widgets' will display that the referral connection has been established, and that rewards, if any, have been earned.