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Set-by-step instructions for configuring your referral program when making use of one of our drag-and-drop integrations.


The referral program being configured in this guide is compatible with specific reward and payment options.

When you are setting up your referral program make sure to select either Percentage Discount or Dollar Credit as your Program Reward (The reward you want to offer users) and Other (Via Saasquatch API) as the Payment System (How SaaSquatch connects to your billing).

For the purpose of this guide we will focus on setting up three main components needed to get your referral program up and running:

  • A page where your existing users can share their unique sharelink with their friends
  • An inbound referral lead capture page
  • A conversion point using a thank you page

Additional information about our drag-and-drop installation solution can be found in our Referral Program Install Guide for Marketers.

More information about the full set of core topics of a referral program can be found in our How Referral Programs Work article.

Widget Page

One of the easiest ways for your existing user-base to access your referral program is while they are using your product. The referral widget we are setting up can be displayed to your existing customers on any page -- from the shopping cart page, to an account page behind a login. The configuration of these touch points is done through widget rules.

To configure displaying the widget:

  1. Head to the Settings page for your program in your Referral SaaSquatch Portal
  2. In the Program Display Settings section of the page you will find the Widget Display Rules heading Widget Display Rules
  3. Paste the URL of the page you would like to display the widget to your existing users on (e.g., or
  4. Select "Referrer Widget" from the Widget Type dropdown to display the widget to your existing users.
  5. We would like as many of your existing users to see the widget, so we check the "Display on Load" option. This will show the widget on this URL for every successful page load. This might not be desirable while a customer is browsing their shopping cart, but perfect for a post purchase Thank You page.
  6. As we also want your customers to be able to re-open the widget once it is closed (if they want to make additional shares), by selecting "Show CTA" there will be a button rendered to easily open the referral widget again.
  7. Click Add Rule to save these settings.

Example Widget Display Rule:

Widget Page Display Rules

Landing Page

The landing page of your referral program is where referral links, shared by you existing users, will direct referred users to. This can be configured as your existing home page or sign up flow. You can also setup a dedicated page as a referral program landing page.

The Referred User Widget should be loaded on the landing page to inform the Referred User that they were referred, and the discount code that they need to include at checkout to get their reward for being referred.

Example Referred User Widget:

Referred User Widget

To configure your landing page:

  1. Create a second Widget Display Rule
  2. Paste the URL of your landing page (e.g.
  3. Select "Referred User Widget" from the Widget Type dropdown.
  4. As we would like the widget to popup when the referred user lands on the page, check the "Display on Load" option.
  5. We also want referred users to be able to re-open the widget once it is closed (if they forgot to copy their discount code), so we select "Show CTA".
  6. Click Add Rule.

Example Landing Page Widget Display Rule:

Landing Page Display Rules

Note: If at some point you would like to change the main landing page for your referral program, you can also do so from this Settings page.

Coupon Codes

By default the coupon codes displayed to your referred user in the referred user widget are those of the their referrer. For the purpose of this guide we change this to use a static campaign code instead. This change will simplify the process of applying referred user rewards when they checkout. Referrals will still be correctly attributed to the referrer through our squatch.js Library.

Adding in a static campaign code can be done by editing the Referred User Widget copy from the Portal.

  1. Select the Referred User Widget and (un)registered state from the drop-down menu in the main portion of the page, and then click [Customize Widget] in the sidebar on the right-hand side.
  2. Replace the {{referredBy.referredByUser.referralCode}} value in the Widget Text Body field with the static campaign code you would like to display to referred users (e.g. REFERRAL2018).
  3. Create a discount code in your payment platform with your chosen campaign code (e.g. RFERRAL2018) as the Promo Code for the discount.

Note: Make sure the coupon in your payment system can be used multiple times, since all your referred users will be using this code to claim their reward.

With the coupon code correctly configured in both Referral SaaSquatch's platform and your payment provider, referred users will receive their discount when they go through your checkout process.

Referral Conversion - Thank You Page

For most SaaS and eCommerce sites the Thank You page is the easiest place to track the conversion of a referral as only those who have completed a transaction, or particular action, will ever reach this page.

To configure your checkout thank you page as the conversion point for referrals:

  1. Head to the Settings page in your Referral SaaSquatch Portal.
  2. Under the "Conversion URL(s)" heading, paste the URL of your thankyou page. (e.g.
  3. Click Add URL.

Example Referral Conversion Rule Settings:

Conversion URL Settings

Note: You can also display the widget on your Thank You Page by adding a Widget Display Rule (similar to the Widget Page one) to show the referral widget to customers who just completed a purchase.

Referrer Reward Fulfillment

Referrer Rewards can be tracked using the Referral Feed in the Portal. Fulfill the reward through your system and then redeem their reward from their SaaSquatch participant profile in the Portal.

Automated Referrer Reward Fulfillment

For more advanced Referrer Reward Fulfillment our Pro and Enterprise plans provide a range of integrations which enable you to automate the reward fulfillment process.

These options include:

  • The Referral SaaSquatch Giftbit integration which enables you to automatically reward your referral participants with gift cards.
  • Discount codes from your payment platform can be uploaded to us as a batch, and then automatically send to referrers when they earn a reward.

What's next?

Now that you have successfully configured your referral program you can go ahead and install the SaaSquatch code snippet on your webpage/in your app. Check out our integrations page for a complete list of the tools we support for installing this code snippet into your product.