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How to manage a referral participant's existing rewards through the Referral SaaSquatch Portal.

Accounts vs. Users

Rewards are stored at the account level in your referral SaaSquatch account. This means that if there are multiple users in the same account, they will share a pool of rewards. This means that redeeming or cancelling a reward from one user in a shared account's profile will apply to the balance for everyone in the account. More information about the implications of this type of program configuration can be found in our Shared vs. Solo Accounts article.

Redeem Rewards

Rewards in a referral participant's account can be marked as redeemed through the referral saasquatch portal as well as the API. Marking a reward as redeemed indicates to the SaaSquatch system that the reward has been fulfilled and should no longer be part of the account's available reward balance.

To redeem a reward through the SaaSquatch portal:

  1. Navigate to the Participant section in the Referral SaaSquatch Portal.
  2. In the search Box, enter the Referrer's name, email, or SaaSquatch User Id.

    Search For Participant

  3. When you find the Referrer in the search results, click on their name to be taken to their profile.
  4. From the list of rewards in the user's profile select the reward you would like to manage:

    Manage Reward

  5. Input the amount, up to the full value, of the reward that you would like to redeem from the user's account, and click Redeem.

    Redeem Reward

Cancel Rewards

Previously Redeemed Rewards

Please Note: Rewards that have already been redeemed from a SaaSquatch account cannot be cancelled.

This can be especially important to referral programs configured to automatically redeem rewards from an account (e.g. through a payment provider integration or an automated API integration you have configured).

The ability to manually approve rewards can be acomplished using our referral program Security Management System by setting all incoming referral to default to pending.

To Cancel a reward through the SaaSquatch portal:

  1. From the Participant Explorer, search for and select the user you would like to redeem the rewards from.
  2. From the list of rewards in the user's profile select the reward you would like to manage.
  3. Select by clicking on (Yes) that you would like to cancel the reward, and then click Cancel Reward.

    Cancel Reward