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How to manually convert a referral through the Referral SaaSquatch Portal.

Did a Referred User sign up successfully, have their referral correctly attributed to the Referrer, but the Referrer did not receive the anticipated reward?

It's possible that the referral, was simply not converted. The good news is, applying this conversion can often be quick and easy within the SaaSquatch Portal.

Please note:

Manually converting a referral through the SaaSquatch program is only possible on our classic, API-based, referral programs.

Find the Referred User

  1. Navigate to the Participant section in the Referral SaaSquatch Portal.
  2. In the search box, enter the Referrer's name, email, or SaaSquatch user id.

    Search For Participant

  3. When you find the Referrer in the search results, click on their name to be taken to their profile.
  4. Head to the Referral Details panel in the bottom right-hand corner and confirm that the intended Referred User is listed†.
  5. Click on the Referred User to be taken to their profile.

    Referral Confirmation

Account conversion cannot be reversed, so ensure that a referral has been attributed before proceeding.

Change the Referred User's Status

  1. Once on the Referred User's profile, click on the [Manage User] button below their name.

    Manage User - Referred

  2. On the General tab, select "Paid Account - Converted" under the 'Account Status' dropdown.

    Convert Account

  3. Click [Save].

Confirm Conversion

  1. Locate the Referral Details panel in the bottom-right hand corner and click the link to head back to the referring user. (Note: If you run multiple programs, you will have to select the one for 'Classic Referral Program' to see the correct Referrer.)

    Conversion Confirmation

  2. Once on the Referrer's profile page, check to see that a reward has been properly generated under the source Friend_signup in the Rewards Summary box located in the top-right.
  3. Redeem the reward if necessary.

    Earned Reward