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Step-by-step guide explaining how to create a One-time Reward for a referral participant through the Referral SaaSquatch Portal

Do you have a superstar referral participant you would like to give a reward? Is there an unhappy referral participant you would like to stop from leaving?

These, and many more senarios, can be addressed using the One-time Reward functionality of the Referral SaaSquatch platform.

These One-time rewards allow you to add additional rewards to a specific referral participants. In most cases these rewards require no additional work on your end once created, and will be applied as a credit back into your system automatically as part of your existing referral reward fulfillment process.

Find the User

Start off by finding the referral participant that you would like to apply the One-time Reward to.

  1. Navigate to the Participant section in the Referral SaaSquatch Portal.
  2. Select the All Users Tab along the top of the page.
  3. In the search Box, enter the participant's name, email, or SaaSquatch user id.
  4. When you find the participant in the search results, click on their name to be taken to their profile. Search for Participant

Add Reward

  1. Click on the Manage User link below their name:

    Manage User

  2. Navigate to the Reward Tab:

    Reward Details:

    1. In most cases the Program Default reard type option is the type you would like to use. This option will add a reward that is compatible with the messaging of your program and the widget displayed to the customer.
    2. The reward amount can then be customized.
    3. If you would like to give out a reward of a type other than the Program Default please refer to the Custom Rewards section below.

    One-time Reward

Custom Rewards

Still not finding the right type of reward to give to a customer? Fear not.

Our One-time Rewards functionality also supports giving out rewards of a type other than your Program Default, including those of a custom type. These Custom Rewards could be anything from a free car-wash to a branded t-shirt.

Compatibility Warning

We recommend contacting our support team before you apply a custom reward to a user. Our support team can help you make sure that:

  • The reward you are looking to give out is compatible with your referral program's specific setup.
  • That the customer has the best experience receiving the custom reward.