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This page contains a quickstart guide for setting up your referral program using your Unbounce setup.

This guide outlines the basic steps needed to leverage your existing Unbounce website and landing pages to run your referral program.

Additional information about our drag-and-drop installation solution can be found in our Referral Program Install Guide for Marketers.

Install the Code Snippet

In order to display the widget and trigger when you want to convert the referral you need to add the SaaSquatch code snippet to your Unbounce pages.

Code snippets can be added to your Unbounce pages using the Script Manager.

To add the Referral SaaSquatch Code Snippet to your Unbouce pages:

  1. From the Settings section select Script Manager and click Add Script:

    Unbounce Add Script Manager Script

  2. Select the Custom Script type, and choose a name for your referral program script:

    Unbounce Add Script Options

  3. Make sure the Script Details options are set as follows:

    • Placement: Before Body End Tag
    • Include On: All

    Unbounce Script Details

  4. Place the SaaSquatch Code Snippet in the Script Field.

    Code Snippet Template:

    <script>!function(a,b){a("squatch","",b)}(function(a,b,c){var d,e,f;c["_"+a]={},c[a]={},c[a].ready=function(b){c["_" + a].ready =  c["_" + a].ready || [];c["_" + a].ready.push(b);},e=document.createElement("script"),e.async=1,e.src=b,f=document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0],f.parentNode.insertBefore(e,f)},this);squatch.ready(function(){squatch.init({tenantAlias:"YOUR_TENANT_ALIAS_HERE"});squatch.widgets().createCookieUser({});});</script>

    Note: Make sure to replace YOUR_TENANT_ALIAS_HERE with your test tenant alias when you paste the following Tracking Script code snippet onto your the webpage. You can find your Tenant Alias on the install page inside the SaaSquatch portal


    Unbouce Script Details with Code

  5. Select the domain you would like to run the script on:

    Unbounce Script Usage

  6. Click Save and Publish at the bottom of the page.

Program Configuration

Before launching your referral program you will need to configure where to display the widget and when to trigger converting completing a referral. This configuration can be done in the SaaSquatch Portal.

A complete walkthrough of this process can be found in our Integration Configuration Article.

What's next?

Congratulations on setting up your Referral Program!. Although this is super exciting, this is also just the beginning of growing your userbase and revenue. We recommend diving deeper into the world of Referral Programs and our platform by reading these documents:

  • Find about more about the amazing configuration options available in the Portal in our Using Referral SaaSquatch article.
  • Learn more about how to protect your referral program against unwanted referral activity by reading up about our Security Management System.
  • Our SaaS guide provide details about how to take your referral program to the next level and integrate it with your product.