SaaSquatch Help Center

SaaSquatch integrates with a number of platforms from payment systems that manage automatic referral tracking and fulfillment, to tag management systems that simplify installing integrating widgets inside your product, to mobile deeplinking platforms that let you optimize and personalize the mobile referral experience.

Branch Metrics is a free mobile attribution platform. SaaSquatch integrates with Branch Metrics to provide a better user experience, additional attribution, personalization and analytics by using Branch's deep links.

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IBM Watson Marketing is an email marketing automation platform. SaaSquatch supports integration with IBM Watson Marketing for sending notification emails.

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Recurly is a fantastic subscription management tool. SaaSquatch's Recurly integration uses Recurly to automatically create new referral codes, track referred subscriptions and give people discounts.

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Stitch is a data pipe that connects to your business data sources, like your SaaSquatch program data, to your data warehouse.

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TangoCard allows you to buy, send, and track digital gift card orders. SaaSquatch's TangoCard integration enables you to automatically reward your program participants with gift cards.

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