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Birthday Program

Reward customers for their birthday.


Use Cases

The Birthday Reward Program is perfect for:

  • Rewarding customer loyalty
  • Re-activating and engaging customers
  • Driving increased purchases


  1. Select the number of days before the birthday that you wish to trigger the reward.

  2. Choose a value and type of reward you would like to provide to the eligible customer.

  3. Configure the email sent to customers who have and upcoming birthday and will earn a reward (This email can also be disabled).

  4. Enable the program from the Program Management screen.

How it works

When a particpant is registered in the SaaSquatch system their birthday can be noted.

The SaaSquatch system monitors the user’s birthday and triggers a reward based on the number of days set in the Program Reward Rules. The customer is notified by email (if enabled) that the reward has been added to their account balance.

Example Email

Regional Reward Program Email Example

Supported Rewards

SaaSquatch's API-based programs provide the power and flexibility to customize the type of reward that you would like to provide to customer on their birthday. These include:

  • Dollar Credit
  • Percent Discount
  • Points
  • Arbitrary Rewards