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Partner Program

This program rewards qualified partners with cash-based commission rewards.


Use Cases

The Partner Program is perfect for:

  • Reaching new customers
  • Deepening relationships with your top brand advocates
  • Offering commission-based cash rewards


  1. Ensure your platform integration is configured to pass revenue information to SaaSquatch
  2. Select how and when partners and new users will be rewarded (commission or set reward)
  3. Define your rewards for partners and/or newly referred customers
  4. Customize your reward notification emails, widgets and sharing settings
  5. Launch your program!

How it works

The SaaSquatch system tracks referral activity and the revenue generated by referrals. You have the ability to customize the logic behind your partner program by setting the Program Reward Rules in the SaaSquatch Portal. These rules will determine when and how your partners and referred users are rewarded.

For static rewards, you can configure SaaSquatch to automatically apply the rewards through a fulfillment integration and your end users will be notified by email that their referral reward is now available in their accounts.

If you are rewarding your partners with commission payouts, you can access their earned credits through the SaaSquatch portal, fulfill these payments through your preferred payment provider and easily update the SaaSquatch system using the Bulk Import reporting process.

Supported Rewards

SaaSquatch's API-based programs provide the power and flexibility to customize the type of rewards that you offer your partners and newly referred customers. These include:

  • Cash
  • Dollar Credit
  • Percent Discount
  • Points
  • Gift Cards
  • Custom Rewards