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Profile Completion Reward Program

Reward customer for completing signup.


The Problem:
A great way to know your customers better is through their customer profile in your app or on your site. The problem is that while you value knowing more about them, customers don't always see the value of having a complete profile.

The Solution:
In response to this we have created a new SaaSquatch Growth Automation program. The Profile Completion Reward Program.

Use Cases

The Profile Completion Reward Program is perfect for:

  • Increase collected customer information
  • Improving customer adoption rates
  • Driving customer product engagement


  1. Select which metric(s) you would like to use to evaluate for customer profile completion.

  2. Choose a value and reward type you would like to provide for customer profile completion.

  3. Configure the email sent to customers who successfully earned a reward. (This email can also be disabled)

  4. Enable the program from the Program Management screen.

How it works

When a particpant is registered in the SaaSquatch system their registration information is noted. This information can be updated as the participant completes more of their profile.

The SaaSquatch system evaluates whether this user conforms to the Program Reward Rules. If so, they are notified by email (if enabled) that the reward has been added to their account balance and is ready for use.

Required User Information

The Profile Completion Reward Program relies on a combination of standard and custom user field being passed to the SaaSquatch system for each user. Which standard and custom fields are needed will depend on which fields you have configured as constituting a complete profile in the program’s rules.

Making sure to pass each of the configured fields, for every user, will allow the program to correctly evaluate whether the user has a complete profile or not.

Supported Rewards

SaaSquatch's API-based programs provide the power and flexibility to customize the type of reward that you would like to provide to participants who complete their profile. These include:

  • Dollar Credit
  • Percent Discount
  • Points
  • New Custom Reward Code Fueltank
  • Arbitrary Rewards

Example Email

Profile Completion