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Signup Reward Program

This program rewards users upon sign up.


Use Cases

The Signup Reward Program is perfect for:

  • Expanding your business
  • Generating customer adoption rates


  1. Read the rules for the program and click "Save" to continue.

  2. Choose a value and unit for the reward you would like to provide to eligible new customer signups.

  3. Configure the email sent to new customers who successfully earned a reward. (This email can also be disabled)

  4. Enable the program from the Program Management screen.

How it works

When a participant is registerd in the SaaSquatch system using our squatch.js library a user id is created.

The SaaSquatch system evaluates whether this new user conforms to the Program Reward Rules. If so, they are notified by email (if enabled) that the reward has been added to their account balance. The reward is added to their account balance and is available to be fulfilled in the same way as referral rewards.

Required User Information

The Signup Reward Program is triggered when when a new participant is registered in the SaaSquatch system.

A new participant in your program is denoted by a unique SaaSquatch accountId/userId pair being created in your program. Learn more about the difference between SaaSquatch Users and Accounts in our article on Account Structure.

Supported Rewards

SaaSquatch's API-based programs provide the power and flexability to customize the type of reward that you would like to provide to successful new signups. These include:

  • Dollar Credit
  • Percent Discount
  • Points
  • New Custom Reward Code Fueltank
  • Arbitrary Rewards

Example Email

Signup Reward