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VIP Program

The VIP program rewards users for total purchase or custom event based achievements.


Use Cases

With the VIP loyalty program you can:

  • Target your best customers and reward them for achieving specific goals
  • Encourage repeat purchases
  • Promote desired user behaviour with custom events and time limited offers


  1. Ensure your platform integration is configured to pass revenue information to SaaSquatch
  2. Set the program duration and total purchase or custom goals
  3. Select how often users will earn rewards
  4. Define your program reward type and amount
  5. Customize the reward notification email
  6. Launch your VIP program!

How it works

The SaaSquatch system tracks the total revenue generated by customer purchases. You have the ability to customize the logic behind your VIP loyalty program by setting the Program and Reward Rules in the SaaSquatch Portal. These rules will determine when and how your VIP customers are rewarded. You can also create and target specific segments of users so you know you’re rewarding your most deserving customers.

You can also configure SaaSquatch to automatically apply static rewards through a fulfillment integration, and your customers will be notified by email when their VIP reward is available.

Supported Rewards

SaaSquatch's API-based programs provide the power and flexibility to customize the type of rewards you want to offer. These include:

  • Cash
  • Dollar Credit
  • Percent Discount
  • Points
  • Gift Cards
  • Custom Rewards