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How the Referral SaaSquatch platform works across the referral marketing funnel.

To better understand how a referral program works we have broken the process down into five core topics: Engagement, Identification, Attribution, Conversion, Fulfillment. These cover the complete referral process from beginning (user discovery) to end (fulfilling rewards).


The engagement component of the referral process is all about figuring out how to best interact with existing customers. In order to direct a user's attention towards your referral program you should take advantage of channels that they interact with everyday. The referral widget can both be embedded and served as a popup or modal, and the more visible and easy to access your program is, the better results you will see.

Promotion is something that all referral programs need in order to deliver results as you have to create awareness of your referral program to drive participation. In most cases, promoting your referral program to existing customers across a wide range of mediums will help with the visibility of your program and drive engagement.

On your website or in app -- banners, visible referral pages, triggered calls to action, push notifications, and dedicated emails -- will all increase the visibility of your referral program. Including a footer in your other emails for invoice receipts, reminders, blog articles, and support tickets can also increase awareness of the referral program. A referral program will benefit from promotion across any or all of these channels.


This step is where users are enrolled for inclusion in your referral program. With a user registered in your referral program they are able to start making referrals by sharing out their referral link to family and friends.

Enrolling a user in your referral program requires providing Referral SaaSquatch with identifying information about the user such as name, email, and a unique account and user id. The identification step typically happens whenever a user first creates an account on your website or service, makes a purchase, or logs in.

Once a user has been identified and engages with the referral program, the referral process can continue towards Attribution and Conversion.


Attribution is the process of building a referral link between two people: the person doing the referring, and the person that was referred. In this step your referral program establishes the connection between these two users.

The process of attributing this referral of a new user is done automatically through Referral SaaSquatch as part of a correctly configured program. Links and referral codes shared directly, by email, or through social media work across desktop or mobile devices and seamlessly attribute the referral connection between the referrer and the referred user.

Once the referral connection is made, Referral SaaSquatch will send the referrer an email notifying them of the progress of the user they referred. Subsequent steps in the referral process will be accurately applied to both the referrer and referred user with the referral connection correctly attributed.


The conversion step is where the goal-post of your referral program is achieved. This goal-post is the ultimate objective of your referral program. Many organizations have this event as the point at which a referred user pays for a subscription. Other organizations have their goal-post as when a referred user signs up for a free account, or when a referred user makes a purchase of a certain value. This target is flexible and can be tailored to your specific business needs.

In Referral SaaSquatch, users have 3 possible Account Statuses: TRIAL, PAID, and CANCELLED. A TRIAL user is one that has been identified, but hasn’t reached the goal-post of the program; this is typically when they first create an account with you. When a TRIAL user is converted to PAID, any associated referrals will be converted. This means that if they were referred, rewards will be generated for the person who referred them. It also means that if they were not referred, they are considered a full paying customer and will not be able to be referred later. This status update can be done in several ways, including using our JavaScript library, mobile widgets, or REST API, or manually through your Referral SaaSquatch program’s web portal.

Once the goal-post has been hit, and the user’s status has been updated, the referral process can progress to fulfillment.


Fulfillment is the process of making sure people are able to use the rewards they earn. Referral SaaSquatch supports manual, semi-automated, and fully-automated reward fulfillment options. Rewards come in many shapes and sizes but are commonly discount percentages, account credits, gift cards, or points.

Referral SaaSquatch supports integrations with a range of payment providers and reward systems to fulfill rewards. Integrations with payment providers allow for seamless inclusion of the rewards with your existing billing platform. Highly customized referral reward solutions are also possible through our API-based referral programs.

The easiest way to learn more about the topic of fulfillment is to start by exploring our getting started guides. These guides provide step-by-step instructions for how to implement some of the most popular types of referral program rewards.