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The SaaSquatch Gift Card Integration enables you to automatically reward successful referral participants with gift cards.


The SaaSquatch Gift Card Integration currently supports Giftbit and TangoCard as Gift Card reward providers. Both of these providers have a wide range of available brands in their catalogues, many of which are available in a number of countries.

Localized Rewards

The SaaSquatch Gift Card Integration supports the ability to customize the reward provided to a successful referral participant based on their locale.

Rewards can be customized by locale and currency.

A fallback reward can also be configured for users with no (known) locale, or where no locale-specific reward has been configured.

The Gift Card Integration management options provide the ability to easily setup, or modify, the available gift card reward types directly in the SaaSquatch Portal.

Localized Gift Card Rewards

Automated Fulfillment

The SaaSquatch system is able to generate and fulfill gift card rewards for successful referral participants automatically.

Referrers will be automatically notified by the SaaSquatch system when they have made a successful referral, and that they earned a reward. The Referrer will also receive an email from your configured Gift Card Provider which include the details for redeeming their reward.

Reward Security

Like every reward generated in the SaaSquatch system, gift card rewards are only generated for a participant once their referral has been processed and approved by the SaaSquatch Security Management System.

Find out more about the wide range of possible fraud criteria each referral is checked against in our docs here.

Daily Reward Limit

The Daily Reward Limit helps limit the volume of gift cards that can be gived out in a single day. This is a great way to limit any potentially fraudulent or undesired referrals made through your program.

Any referrals where rewards would have been generated beyond the configured daily limit, would instead be set to pending so that they can be reviewed manually to confirm they are legitimate referrals.

Used in conjuntion with the full suite of available referral security features this daily reward limit can be helpful as a fallback to avoid gamification of your referral program.

Other Gift Card Providers

Is your gift card provider not listed here?

Your SaaSquatch program can still be configured to provide gift card rewards even if you are looking to use a gift card provider we do not integrate with directly. The SaaSquatch system is extremely flexible and can be configured to work with nearly any giftcard provider to fulfill your rewards.

Please contact us to learn more about how we can work with your gift card provider.

Quickstart Setup

1. Create an Account

If you do not already have an account with one of our supported Gift Card providers, you will need to create one so that it can be connected to your SaaSquatch program.

Get started with Giftbit by setting up an account on their website.

TangoCard requires a RaaS gift cards API account to be able to automatically send rewards. Please contact SaaSquatch support to get started sending rewards with TangoCard.

2. Authorize Gift Card Provider in SaaSquatch

From the Integrations page in the SaaSquatch Portal, found under the Setup heading, you can authorize your SaaSquatch program to send out digital gift card rewards through one of the supported gift card providers.

Make sure you have all of the necessary account infomation from your chosen gift card provider:

3. Choose a Gift Card Type

With your gift card provider account authorised, navigate to the Program Setting page to configure what gift card you would like to give out to successful referral participants.

For programs configured for i18n internationalization you can also configure seperate rewards for individual locales.

Gift Card Selector

Additional Resources

The SaaSquatch docs provide a wide range of information about setting up and configuring your SaaSquatch program: