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You can test your Referral SaaSquatch integration in test mode before touching any production systems.

What is test mode?

Every Referral SaaSquatch account comes with both a test and live "tenant". The test tenant can be configured to connect to your sandbox payment provider account. You'll notice that the tenant_alias of your test tenant always begins with "test_"

How do I use test mode?

When you're configuring your payment system integration, set up your payment provider's sandbox first. Then, install squatch.js using your test tenant_alias. Test mode is fully functional, so you can test the whole user experience.

What should I test?

You should test things:

  • Open the referral widget (click any button with class="squatchpop")
  • Click a referral link (you can find your referral link in the referral widget)
  • Make sure coupon_code is autofilled (go to your payment form after clicking a referral link)
  • Check your first invoice (sign up as a "referred" user and make sure your first invoice has a coupon applied)

What else should I know?

We recommend that you also read about Shared vs Solo Accounts and the Common Pitfalls. Most integration problems are listed in those guides.

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