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Custom Referral SaaSquatch themes can be published using the Command Line Interface.

Once you've made changes to a theme and pushed those changes to your remote git repository, you'll want to publish those changes to your tenants to see how they look in a live environment. To publish themes, use the saasquatch-cli. The saasquatch-cli is a command-line tool for interacting with your Referral SaaSquatch account. It is distributed as a node.js package via npm.

Node.js and NPM required

The only requirement for installing the saasquatch-cli is that you have Node.js and NPM installed on your computer. The fastest way to install Node is to download and install one of the node.js pre-packaged installers.

Install saasquatch-cli

You can install saasquatch-cli using npm. If you haven't used npm before, you should take a moment and read through the npm Getting Started guide. Use this command to install saasquatch-cli as a globally accessible package. This will add the squatch executable to your global path.

npm install -g saasquatch-cli

Using saasquatch-cli

You can use saasquatch-cli via the command line as squatch. It is self-documented, so to start look at the list of command using --help.

squatch --help

For example, to publish a theme:

squatch publish -t test_alu125hh1si9w -k TEST_BHASKh5125Las5hL125oh3VbLmPxUSs

squatch renamed

As of v1.0.0 the executable was renamed from saasquatch-cli to squatch. To make sure you're always using the latest version, you can update the installed version with npm update -g saasquatch-cli. The node package and github repo names and core functionality are unchanged.