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Fulfillment is the process of making sure people can use the rewards they earn. People can earn rewards from referring their friends, and in some cases can get a reward just from being referred. Rewards can be discounts, credit, gift cards, points and many other things. To make sure these rewards are more than just a record in the Referral SaaSquatch database, there needs to be some way to fulfill them. Sometimes this just means rewards have a coupon code that can be used in other systems, sometimes SaaSquatch keeps track of a balance that is deducted by another system, and other times it means there's an automated synchronization process to apply discounts in payment systems. Referral SaaSquatch supports manual, automated and semi-automated fulfillment options and even has turnkey connectors that handle fulfillment automatically for you.


Fulfillment is the process of making sure people can use the rewards they earn from referrals.

Pro & Enterprise Options

Fulfillment automation can be one of the biggest challenges of running a referral program. The Pro and Enterprise plans of Referral SaaSquatch come with a lot of flexibility to help make this process and streamlined as possible for companies with the challenges of enterprises and high volume accounts.

  • Coupon codes limits
  • SaaSquatch credit tracking
  • Discount synchronizing
  • Turnkey connectors
  • Gift card automation
  • Voucher automation
  • Coupon upload
  • Batch CSVs
  • Synchronizations jobs

Tech Guide

For details on implementing fulfillment, see our developer center guide on fulfillment.